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Bed rooms
Utilities Incl.
Bus (blocks)
01 Priv Home 6/23/2014315 NortonEndwell500.00500.00 MonthlyChapman, Mary Ellen785-0915Yesallkitchen privilegesNo1On Street
607-725-8646,grad student pref,non-smoking, FREE LAUNDRY,shared bathroom,cable/internet inc
1 8/1/201438 North #1LBinghamton375.00375.00 NegotiableIyasere, David724-8219Yesyesstove,fridgeNo1Off Street
4 7/15/2014207-209 Main StBinghamton1200.001200.00yes12 mosJohn Ha760-2633yeshot water,sewerstove,fridge,w/dno off street
new carpet,hardwood floors,porch
1 7/1/201423 Tremont, #2Binghamton450.00450.00Yes12 mosPatton, Faye722-8078Yesheat,waterstove,fridgeno0Off Street
1 8/1/2014140 ChapinBinghamton425.00425.00Yes9-12 mosTarcha, Nick798-7591YesHot Water, Heatstove,fridge, w/dNo1off street
laundry, garage rental
1 7/24/2014711 Old Lane RdVestal400.00400.00Yes10 mosBaumann, William797-8000Yesnonestove,fridge,w/dNo1Off Street,carport
walking distance to suny,deck,quiet neigh,priv entrance,smokefree
1 8/1/201461 ChestnutBinghamton430.00540.00Yes12 MonthsJamieson, Neal723-9943Yesall but elecstove,fridgeno1driveway
quiet bldg, modern,
1 8/1/201461 ChestnutBinghamton485.00590.00Yes12 MonthsJamieson, Neal723-9943Yesall but elecstove,fridgeno1Off Street
quiet bldg, front/back porch,
1 7/15/20142 GoetheBinghamton500.00500.00No Puterbaugh, Bonnie798-9445partialall but elecstove,fridgeNo1On Street
non-smoker, prefer mature, quiet graduate student,4 rooms
1 8/1/20149 South WashingtonBinghamton550.00550.00Yes12 MonthsWalsh, Rick343-0687Yesall but elecstove,fridge,w/dyes0Off Street
1Private Home8/1/201472 Grand BlvdBinghamton575.00250.00monthly Harrow, Jane797-5646Yesall including cable & internetkitchen privilegesno2On Street
grad student preferred, non-smoker, quiet
7 7/15/20148 Jay StreetBinghamton2200.002200.00Yes12 MonthsJeff Kent607-316-3411Yesnonestove,fridge,w/dno0Off Street
1 7/15/2014191 Main StBinghamton435.00600.00Yes12 mosPapastrat, A. L.723-8112Noheat,waterstove,fridgeNo0Off Street parking lot
grad students preferred,various rentals,no smoking
1Studio8/1/2014192 HawleyBinghamton450.00100.00yes10 mosDellario, Geno797-5881Yesallstove,fridgeNo2Off Street
non-smoking; newly remodeled
3 8/1/2014159 Oak StBinghamton900.00500.00Yes12 MonthsCharnetsky, Peter743-3423Yeswater,sewer,heatstove,fridge,coin-op w/d,d/wpossible0Off Street
very large,nicely furnished
1Private Home8/1/201492 Audubon AveVestal375.00375.00  Werner, Marie772-0178Yesall kitchen privlegesNo0Off Street
non-smoker, grad stud preferred
3 8/1/2014402 Old Lane RdVestal1000.001000.00Yes12 MonthsScott, Reggie205-746-2558partialwater,sewer,garbagestove,fridge,dishwasher,w/dNo0Off Street
1 1/2 bath, private/large backyard, single family house
1Private Home8/1/2014134 CrestmontBinghamton400.00400.00Yes12 MonthsLees, AlistairalistairL10@yahoo.comYessharedstove,fridge,dishwasher,w/dNo0Off Street
share whole house,quiet/serious students,nice neighborhood
9House7/16/2014163 Chapin StBinghamton3600.003600.00yes12 mosMark Yonaty343-7672yesnegotiablestove,fridge,w/dno1off street
1 6/24/2014102 Lincoln AveEndicott500.001000.00No Edward Kolanda607-785-1981noheat,hot waterstove,fridgeNo3Off Street
No smkg, quiet, private, grad pref,newly remodeled
2 8/1/201433 Fayette StBinghamton675.00675.00yes12 mosPuglisi, Mary723-6138 nonestove,fridge,dishwasherNo0driveway
very quiet bldg, grad student preferred,hardwood floors
2 7/14/20149 Camden StJohnson City695.00695.00rental agreementmonthlyHanula, Andrew729-5788noheat,water,hot waterstove,fridge,coin-op w/dno1driveway
grad students pref,non-smoking,hardwood floors
3 7/15/201447 CarrollBinghamton1350.001350.00yes12 mosJeff Kent607-316-3411nowater,sewer,trash,wifistove,fridge,w/dno1off street
central air,close to downtown
01 PRIV HOME 8/25/201428 DellwoodVestal    Eliav Bock303-261-8220yesyes    
rent exchanged for 10-15 hrs childcare per week
1 Priv Home 8/1/20141 Norton RdBinghamton600.001200.00no Bonnie Cornwell648-9777yesyeskitchen privno off street
no smoking
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**When searching for off-campus housing, students should be aware of zoning regulations pertaining to the municipality in which they choose to reside. Contact OCC for information on such regulations.

A recent court decision in the City of Binghamton significantly affects students living in particular zoning areas in Binghamton. Residents living in R-1 or R-2 zoning districts of the City of Binghmaton that are unrelated must meet "Fuctional Family Equivilant" criteria to live in those areas. Students are advised to visit OCC to view a zoning map prior to signing any leases in those areas or for information on the "Functional Family Equilivant" criteria

KEY: W/D = washer/dryer; DW = dishwasher